Nox App Player is an emulator developed for providing the users with a platform through which they can run Android apps on their PCs. Its fast speed and variety of features make it suitable for running apps and games.

Sandboxie 5.27.1 Beta/ 5.26.0

Sandboxie creates a virtual environment where you can run different applications. It helps you keep your operating system and data safe from unwanted changes that may be caused by running of untested or risky applications. It is very much useful in terms of secure internet browsing, viewing Emails and testing of apps. It is an efficient security software that is available in languages of English, Arabic, German, French, Dutch and many more.

VMware Workstation Pro 14.1.3 Build 9474260

With VMware Workstation, you can create a virtual environment in your system. It helps you test multiple operating systems and applications. You can run multiple virtual machines simultaneously and move files from one machine to another via its drag and drop functions. This software is suitable for home users as well as developers who want to test their developed programs in a safe way. It’s a powerful engine with a well-organized user interface. You can customize its appearance and functionalities to your liking. The software facilitates you to set a password for every virtual machine to prevent unauthorized access.

VirtualBox 5.2.18 Build 124319

VirtualBox is a software that is used by those who interact with computer networking. It helps them in creating virtual host machines without paying any charges. It was a ray of sunshine for the networking field developers when it was developed first due to the many benefits, and still it is a very useful tool. It works on a wide range of Operating systems and has a very few requirements.

Andy 47.0.1096

Andy emulator is a Windows-based solution that helps you enjoy Android apps and games on your PC. It’s compatible with almost every popular app and runs them at a fast pace. You can download this software for free within a brief time. If you want to enjoy an Android app or game, you can download it via Google Play Store or download its APK file. It provides access to the local file system as well as allows you to store data files in cloud storage. You can integrate it with your smartphone and use your cellphone as a controller.


BlueStacks is an Android emulator that facilitates you to run Android apps on a Windows PC. It’s quite heavy software, which is why it takes a little while to download it. However, it won’t slow down your PC. So, you can run other applications in the background while playing games on this emulator. The app is compatible with XP and later versions of Windows OS and can be translated to more than 48 languages. It’s a freeware that you can download and install on your PC with ease. Its intuitive user interface makes it a suitable choice for beginners as well as experienced users.