K-Lite Codec Pack Full 14.4.5

K-Lite Codec Pack Full 14.4.5

Software description

It is often very annoying when while trying to browse through your newly bought laptop, you try to open a file from your USB; then a system error message appears saying that you don’t have the required software to open such file. K-Lite Codec Pack will help you with this problem. With this downloaded on your computer, it allows your PC to play different audio files.

Setting this software as default in opening your multimedia will save you much of your time in trying to figure out on which software to play. It has a very wide collections of codec and is being updated from time to time. K-Lite Codec comes in 4 editions; basic, standard, full and mega. These editions are upgraded one greater than the other, and the good thing is, all of these editions are all free and can you downloaded it anytime.

Tools & Customization Features

The Full edition of K-Lite Codec Pack includes software that enables computers using Microsoft Windows to play contents of the following file types: WebM, Matroska (MKV), MP4, AVI, Ogg, Flash Video (FLV) and more.

K-Lite Codec Pack consists of several different audio and video decoding options, such as LAV Video, LAV Audio, and LAV Splitter, among others and subtitle decoders, namely DirectVobSub. The Full Edition of the software is a perfect fit for those that do their encoding.

The key features of this program include access to the Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC), MediaInfoLite, GraphStudioNext, and MadVR. This version also allows for subtitle rendering. Playback of Blu-ray (after decryption) and DVD’s produces clarity of video and excellent audio. Your PC transforms into a fully-functioning Media Center with the use of K-Lite Codec Pack Full.


The installation process is extremely easy. The step-by-step wizard set-up process provides detailed information on each feature before installing it on your computer. Each feature available is entirely customizable, allowing users to choose only the components they need. Once selected, users can customize the each one of the settings of every codec included in the package. Users are even able to assign which components they would like to handle specific formats. Updates are often provided, to ensure users are always obtaining the best media experience available utilizing the latest features possible.

Software details