I’ve always been interested in finding the right software package for me to enter all my family information and help me in my genealogy hobby. I’ve tried many different ones, and found some things I like in all of them as well as some things I don’t like.


my website. I maintained it as an organized list of all the programs available. I included links to the program websites as well as to independent reviews of each program. I even subjectively picked the ones I liked best. I always kept it up to date, adding, changing and deleting programs as that happened.


That page actually became very popular with over 400,000 hits, it was mentioned in several articles, over 200 websites have linked to it, and it ranked quite high in many Google search queries.


But I always wanted more information there than just a having a list of programs. I wanted to find out what people liked and didn’t like in each of the programs. I wanted an interactive site, one that allowed anyone to review and rate their genealogy software.

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