Downloading and video watching have been made possible by RealPlayer 18 where users can enjoy watching best web video contents. The software tool has been an effective partner for playing recorded media and consumers would enjoy their video entertainment on the web to the hilt because of its ability to find the latest and viral web contents in advance. Unlike some players where users have to search the web after few days that the video has become viral, RealPlayer is loaded with sophisticated tools to browse latest videos from different sites and be updated on the latest video trending.

Consumers need not have to browse the videos for too long and lags behind from their virtual friends because there are various sites like entertainment, food, sports and news for downloading then convert and bookmark them for video sharing with their families and loved ones. It is compatible with various multimedia such as Windows Media, Quick Time, MP3, MPEG-4 or RealAudio. It can work well with other operating systems and other multiple versions which are more advanced than the RealPlayer.

Like its former version, RealPlayer has maintained its installation process using a stub installer that has wide range of selection where users can opt for addition or simply don’t recognize it. When compared to the former version, it has remained its interface, core video player, media library and built-in tools. What has changed in this player is its web video tab where users can look for new videos using its sleek interface. It is more organized where the left column is allocated for the video channels and the list of videos from the general categories.

RealPlayer 18 is more up to date when it comes to downloading because users can download videos from its metallic interface and provides profiles for devices like iPad4. Downloading is easy with this player and converts the video to different formats. Once downloaded, the video contents will be stored inside the folder for downloads and recordings for easy access. Although the RealPlayer is loaded with advance features but it still lacks sophistication when it comes to burning video and audio through DVDs and VCDs rather than using the Blu-ray support.

Despite its shortfall, it stood as most improved when it comes to Web content support and it is one of the friendliest players that give users a rewarding experience. Overall, it is widely used by consumers because it has more features than its inadequacy. What it needs right now is to allow users to burn video and audio to Blu-ray format to gain wide following. Both its free and premium versions are loaded with latest features and extensive functionality to give satisfying result to users.

RealPlayer 18 are popularly used by consumers for bookmarking videos and deliver latest video craze on the web directly into it using different formats. It has built-in cleaner to delete duplicate music for added space in the music library. It also has the ability to add omitted information like the name of the artist, song information and the album to make the music collection organized and easy to locate.

Video Features:
• Universal Player.
• High Quality Video.
• Works with iTunes.
• LivePause & Perfect Play.
• Built-In Media Browser.

Audio Features:
• Advanced CD Burning.
• Advanced Audio.
• 10–Band Graphic EQ.
• Crossfade.
• Multiple Audio Formats.
• Surround Sound.
• RealAudio Lossless Format.
• Visualizations.

BlueStacks Functions

BlueStacks – a treat for the gamers and app fanatics – BlueStacks is actually one of the most beneficial production software that helps you, in using mobile apps easily on your laptop or computer. These apps can be downloaded from BlueStacks or you can even download them independently or the third option is that, you can sync the apps easily from your Smartphone through the android app. It is very easy to enjoy games on big screen with the help of this app and it does not matter if, you are using Mac or Windows.

BlueStacks Functions:
Android phones boast thousands of different apps through which, users can get informed, entertainment or socialize with their friends and family. Most of the android apps are only available on the smart phones and laptop and desktop users cannot enjoy them. BlueStacks is one of the most innovative apps that can bring all of the android apps to your Mac or Windows operating system.

• You can enjoy different apps on a full screen and the good thing is that the app does not get slow or fussy. It runs in a smooth and fast manner, as the operating system of your laptop/desktop is actually more powerful than the Smartphone. Your games and apps will run in a flawless manner and you will certainly enjoy more.

• Apps can be controlled easily with the help of your mouse or keyboard control. As you know that most of the games are played with the help of touch screen on android phones, these games can become somewhat difficult to play on the Mac or Windows. But most of the games can be played easily and there are no technical issues.

• BlueStacks can organize the apps and make it easier for you to become used to the interface. You can later organize the apps and make different folders to access your apps quickly. There is no need to go through the entire selection of apps available, as you can customize the folders easily. It also means that non-android users can make use of different apps on their desktop or laptop even, if they don’t have a Smartphone.

What are the BlueStacks pros?
1. App launches quickly

2. Software allows smooth running of the app in a high quality mode

What are the BlueStacks cons?
1. Few games don’t run smooth, as their touch screen features aren’t fully compliable with Mac or Windows.

2. Requires a powerful operating system to enjoy apps from a new angle.

It is one of the pioneering software out there in the market that allows, you to access and enjoy android apps from a new dimension. Though, we cannot say that BlueStacks is a complete replacement for the android device but still it carries a lot of interesting features. Initially there were a few bugs that were fixed quickly to allow the users to enjoy apps in a sound manner. The touch screen issue, which is taking place with a few android apps, is currently being looked after to make BlueStacks a perfect app.


Internet Download Manager Features

Internet Download Manager is the ultimate choice for downloading content from internet. It increases the speed of downloading and resumes the download from where it was stopped last. Though its interface is not much fascinating but its simplest working options make it a great choice for users who tend to download many videos from internet or face internet connection problems very often. It will help you overcome your problems and will provide great benefits.

Internet Download Manager enables you to download files at very fast speed, schedule the files to be downloaded, pause or resume download and manage multiple queues of links to be downloaded later. You can run the site grabber to download all the files from a website at any location on your PC. The HTML files can be transferred to your local server for running offline. You can download files from Proxy server, recover files that contained errors and download the files with HTTP and FTP protocols support.

• Video grabber.
• Drag and Drop.
• Download Categories.
• Quick Update Feature.
• Download limits.
• Customizable Interface.
• Advanced Browser Integration.
• Simple installation wizard.
• Download Speed Acceleration.
• Automatic Antivirus checking.
• IDM includes web site spider and grabber.
• IDM supports many types of proxy servers.
• All popular browsers and applications are supported!
• Easy downloading with one click.

Installation Process:
The installation of Internet Download Manager, by Tonec Inc., can be performed in a few steps within a very short time. The setup file should be downloaded and click opened. The Installation Wizard will start then where you have to read and accept the IDM license conditions. Choose location for installation of software and select checkbox if you want to create shortcut icon on the desktop. All the setup files will be copied and installed. When the installation completes, click finish button and start using the software.

Download Speed:
Internet Download Manager is considered as one of the fastest download managers. It divides the files into 8 smaller segments and then downloads them one by one for providing you with fast downloading speed. You can enter URL of video that you want to download, choose the location, select the category of file, enter description and download it. You can also integrate it with your browser by going to the Extension section of your browser and enabling IDM. You can also use it in incognito mode of browsing.

The Category option at the left side of software screen divides the downloaded files into their category type. The number of downloaded files is displayed in front of each of these. You can open any category to check which files were downloaded and see their status. The categories are All Downloads, Unfinished, Finished, Grabber Project and Queues that are further divided into Compressed, Documents, Music, Programs and Video sections. You can delete the list of downloaded files from this menu.

Internet Download Manager is 10 MB sized software that can efficiently support all the version of Windows Operating System. It lets you download videos, audios, and other files from internet at a very fast speed. IT also offers support for Torrent videos. It lets you resume downloading videos that were stopped due to internet connection loss, PC shutdown or errors. It is a must have tool for all the internet users to download files as it can work with a large number of browsers and supports many languages.

VSO ConvertXtoDVD is an amazing software that is used for conversion of videos from various formats to DVD and it can run on your DVD player easily. Now you can convert videos from AVI, MKV, MOV, Divx, WMV, MTS, M2TS, Mpeg, MP4 and many more formats to DVD format. These videos can run on your DVD player and TV as well. The developers of this software are VSO Software SARL.

Downloading and Installation Procedure
The downloading procedure of VSO ConvertXtoDVD is a very simple one. After you have downloaded its setup file with .exe extension you can run it by double clicking. After that select the language in which you want the software to be installed. The setup wizard will open that will guide you through each installation step.

After you have agreed to the license agreement, you will be asked to select the location for installation of VSO ConvertXtoDVD. Furthermore, select the video format that is supported by your TV or DVD player. Last of all select the additional tasks such as creation of desktop icon etc. All the files will be extracted, and then click the finish button. In this way this software will be installed on your PC.

Convert to DVD
• Easy to use, versatile and full of amazing options.
• Convert in one click.
• Ultimate image quality.
• Impressive conversion speed.
• Total control over menu and video edition.

Create menus & chapters, cut videos, total customization with live preview
• Integrated video player for live Preview.
• Cut unwanted parts of the video.
• Add chapters – automatic or custom.
• Add a watermark/copyright.
• Many subtitles supported, convert as soft or hard subs.
• Convert NTSC to PAL and vice-versa.
• Merge function – like for CD1 + CD2.
• Rotate video, add brightness/contrast.
• Add a video intro.
• Create menus with videos and music: menu editor with full customization.

Advanced features
• 2 pass encoding for enhanced quality.
• Hardware decoding for faster conversions .
• Video/Audio/Subtitle synchronisation.
• Various audio output formats.
• Image resize filters.
• Image perfection wizard.
• Multiple encoding profiles.
• Shutdown computer when finished.
• Multi-core processor optimized.
• Audio normalizer.
• Padding and cropping.
• De-interlacing.
• Batch converter.
• Multiple conversions processed simultaneously.
• Quality advisor.

Free of Cost Software
The trial version of this software can be used for free. But if you want to purchase its full version, it is also available for low prices. You only have to spend $39.99 to buy it. After the file is converted from other formats, it will be burned automatically to DVD. It takes a very short time for video conversion and the quality of video is not affected. It is a great software that should be tried by every movies lover.

Videos Editing
When you click open the software it will ask you to add a video. After adding you can convert it to DVD format by clicking the convert button on the screen. The video can also be played with the software. At the right side of screen, there are multiple options. You can preview the video, manage its audio settings, add subtitles, create chapters, customize image settings, manage output results, cut or trim the video according to your choice and can merge multiple videos into a single one.

VSO ConvertXtoDVD is a good choice for those who are fond of watching movies or videos, but face problems while searching for them in DVD format. ConvertXtoDVD can convert videos from other formats to DVD and can enjoy them on their TV and DVD player. No charges are applied for this service and the trial version of this tool can be downloaded for free as well.